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and fraud in data

AI to improve data quality and analytics

June 25, 2024

ZeroError named among Top 50 Hottest Companies to Watch Out

April 10, 2024

ZeroError joins Microsoft Marketplace

March 11, 2024

Snowflake Startup Spotlight: ZeroError

ZeroError, user-friendly AI Platform
ZeroError is an AI Platform for data driven decision makers
No tech skills needed
For any company, any team. No implementation effort required
Analyzes new datasets without human input
No manual data preparation. No need to define any data quality rule
Immediately provides data quality evaluation
Fast cloud-base proprietary engine; get results in minutes
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ZeroError, enterprise AI Platform
Transform your reporting and analytics with ZeroError
Say good-bye to manual data reviews
Minimize mistakes and omissions
Ensure data accountability
Get better and faster decision making
Elevate data quality standards across organization
Elevate data quality standards across organization
Minimize mistakes and omissions
ZeroError, business AI Platform
Use cases
Supply chain - MRP
Networks, Sensors & IOT
Operations - Preventive maintenance
Performance Management & Incentives
Data Catalogs and Data Lakes
Financial forecasting
Compliance, Audit and Regulatory processes
Account & Identity verification
Lead Identification
Expense Management
...needs data you can trust