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Error and Fraud Detection Engine

  • Proprietary scoring, with easy to understand warnings and recommendations
  • 100% automated, no need of human intervention, leveraging a wide variety of expert-based time-tested techniques
  • Goes beyond single anomaly detection events, provides holistic view
  • Results are provided in highly visual and interactive way

Advanced Artificial Intelligence Reasoning

  • Fully integrated Advance Artificial Intelligence reasoning, guiding every step of the way
  • Proprietary architecture designed to maximize data issue detection and easy to understand recommendations
  • Learns and improves from past data and user feedback
  • Leverages LLMs (Large Language Models) for
    some tasks to enhance overall performance; option to switch-off

Report Catalog

  • Designed for professionals frequently consuming data
  • Allows users to organize and track as many data sets as needed
  • Allows to manage data sets overtime and it will remember what has learned from past versions

ZeroError Teams

  • Designed for teams and departments that require significant collaboration and supervision in report reviews
  • Allows users to share data quality analysis with peers and associates
  • Start building your organizational report catalog
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Can I use the data?

Inmediately know the quality of your data through our proprietary score

What should I know about the data?

Acctionable insights. Prioritized data issues. Explained in plain English

How do I provide input to the AI?

User friendly customization & AI training screens. No coding required

Will the AI remember and improve with feedback?

Learns over time. Carryover key user feedback and customizations

What drives the insights?

Drill-down to understand root-cause and see examples

How do I drive confidence in data?

Produce a certificate. Get faster to decision making