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ZeroError Vision
Watch our CEO, Maria J Marti, explaining why we created ZeroError and what can we do for your business
About ZeroError
Unparalleled experience building data driven organizations
Who we are
We are a diverse team of business executives, engineers and researchers with a passion for creating true data-driven organizations.

Our team includes former CFOs and CROs of Fortune 100 companies, key engineers in Fintechs, leading AI researchers, Chief Data Officers, and leaders in top consulting firms.

Why ZeroError
Data is in constant change yet data-driven decision making needs reliable and timely data. 

Business Leaders, CFOs, CROs, Researchers and anyone making decisions cannot afford to wait for multi-year data quality projects to complete.

ZeroError is the product we always needed yet never had. We wanted a tool that told us in minutes if we could trust a data report. We wanted quick and accurate results.

That is why we created ZeroError

ZerorError, built on