Snowflake Startup Spotlight: ZeroError

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We are so honored to be featured this month in the Snowflake Startup Spotlight. We love specifically the part of the interview when we were asked: “How is the AI surge changing what businesses expect from their platforms and tools?” Answer: “Expectations are definitely very high. In the case of ZeroError, I would say that businesses are surprised by what we can achieve with AI — but at the same time, they expect to be surprised. Many AI applications, especially those focused on business intelligence, “assume” that the data they receive is perfect. That is a huge assumption. Any good BI needs good data; you have to understand and trust your data quality to be able to trust the output of your apps.

During Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, we got so much attention and traction because ZeroError is a platform that tells the user if they can trust the data”

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